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Gravity Custom Boot Fitting

At Gravity for 2019 we offer 3 fitting options

  • Green- Boot price + $59.95 (includes Correctly selected boots based on fit and skiers performance, Generic Sidas 3 feet insole, Heat mold liners, includes boot modifications)
  • Blue-  Boot price + $199 (includes Correctly selected boots based on fit and skiers performance, Full Sidas custom footbed with posting, Heat mold liners, includes boot modifications)
  • Black- Boot price + $299 (includes Correctly selected boots based on fit and skiers performance, Full Sidas custom footbed with posting, Full Aligment assesment (includes align+ boot align system and Cant/cuff adjustment, Heat mold liners, includes boot modifications)

The Ski boot is the most important piece of ski equipment. Quite simply it can make or break your ski trip.

Our master Bootfitters will use 4 basic steps to achieve a great boot fit

Fit - Stability - Customization - Alignment

What’s your fit?

Ski boots come in different widths and volumes, from narrow 98mm low volume shells to extra wide high volume 104mm lasts, finding the right fit to match your particular foot shape will ensure a comfortable day on the slopes. A narrow foot in a wide HV ski boot will feel loose and the skier will have limited control of their skis, conversely a wide HV foot in a narrow low volume boot will be uncomfortable with loss of blood flow and painful pressure points.

Fortunately, these common fit problems can be foreseen by an experienced boot fitter. Our boot fitters will match your foots length, width, volume, and calf to find a ski boots shell that better suits your particular foots morphology.

Also, Ski boots come in a wide range of flexes, from ultra-stiff race boots to soft beginner models. Our boot fitters will ask you a range of questions (ability, preferred skiing speed and style, weight etc.) to match the flex that suits your skiing level.


Stability-  Sidas Custom foot beds 

At Boot logic we use and recommend Sidas insoles from France. We have 4 different custom blanks that we choose depending on the skier or the fit we are after.

Custom Foot beds are the foundation of your ski boots fit. Were the rubber hits the road if you like.

A well-made Foot bed will stabilize your foot, gently cradling your arch and heel pad, ensuring not just a much more comfortable fit, but better alignment of your lower leg resulting in flatter skis = easier more dynamic skiing.

These are heated then molded on Sidas Vacuum molding system which takes a cast of your feet, the footbed is placed in the mould and your foot on top. This ensures an exact mirror image of the underneath of your feet. Our technicians then grind and place heel stabilizers on to ensure a solid, stable insole. Cost is $199 and allocate approx. 30min.

We also have a cheaper option utilizing Sidas 3 feet pre molded insoles. Coming in 3 Arch heights, low, mid and high, these are an alternative for more budget minding skiers. Cost is $59.95

You’ll need one or the other, every skier will benefit from a more stable foot, and you just won’t get that from the standard flat insole that comes with the boots.

Customization -Custom Fit Liners and Shell Modifications

Most modern ski boots utilize Custom fit liners to ensure a more precise comfortable fit. The more expensive boots tend to have a higher proportion of thermo molding material, which when heated will mold and adapt to your feet. Your new liners will be heated for 6-12min, and we may pad your feet on any significant protrusion’s to help create more space for these potential pressure points. With your ski sock on, you’ll stand in the boots until they have cooled down.

We may also do any modifications to the plastic shells, grinding or stretching the plastic to better match the shape of your particular foot.


Alignment - Premium Custom fitting

One of the last steps is to check the alignment of the boots upper cuff to your lower leg. Most boots have a Cant or upper cuff adjustment which the boot fitter will adjust to ensure it evenly matches the alignment of your lower leg/calf. If we find we are unable to correctly align the cuffs, we may need to add Align+ boot alignment system to help move your foot and leg in to a more neutral position. This is part of our premium bootfit package. This is crucial step and will ensure you have flat skis to ride on.

Post skiing

Hopefully your new boots are the most comfortable ski boots you have owned, however if you do have problems, were here to help. We have a myriad of tools to Grind, stretch and generally tweak the boots if you have any pressure points after a few days skiing. Remember that your new boots will be tight and may require a few days of skiing to break in. Go easy on the lower 2 buckles as the boots liners pack in, they should get better the more you ski them.

Drop into our Thredbo or Jindabyne store and we will be more than happy to adjust them for you. There’s no charge for labour, just materials if needed.


Women’s boots – What’s the difference?

Women’s ski boots feature unique cuff geometries that are lower in overall height than men’s cuffs, generally about 10 to 15mm to better match a women’s lower calf shape. The cuff may also have an adjustment to increase the volume for larger, athletic calf’s. Women’s liners tend to be narrower in the rear foot. Women’s innerboot’s tend to be constructed with more padding, reducing volume and add insulation.

How should I care for my new boots?

Dry the boots after each use, if excessively wet inside, the inner boots can be removed for faster drying.

Avoid drying them near radiators, fireplaces, M/W ovens or any sources of direct or excessive heat.

We sell and recommend Hotronic boot and glove dryers for an easy way to keep your boots dry and moisture free.

How can I avoid cold feet?

Make sure your boots are dry at the beginning of each days skiing. Avoid wearing multiple pairs of socks, one pair of technical Merino or Bamboo/ merino socks is sufficient.

Always wear clean socks, the wicking function of the socks is best when there clean. Find a sock that you like and buy multiple pairs. We can install electronic boot heaters (Thermic) to your custom insoles, or another option would be Heated ski socks if you still cant get warm or have particularly bad circulation.